Find great deals on Vinyl Floor Coverings at the vinyl plaza

The vinyl flooring industry has exploded in the past five to ten years. Vinyl is just such a remarkably handsome and affordable flooring solution it’s hard for many consumers to turn it down. Stylistically, vinyl is really more diverse than any of its competitors, save perhaps laminate. This is because no one buys vinyl for a “vinyl look.” People buy vinyl because it is made to mimic everything from stone to wood to tile. How is this possible? It is simple. The top layer of most vinyl flooring is covered with special graphic photographs of a variety of flooring types, thus giving it a realistic appearance of a certain kind of floor. It really is incredible that a material made of vinyl can look and even feel (in some types) like maple or oak. Now, although the minute details of the vinyl may not be as striking as the real alternatives, most vinyl flooring strips bare such a strong resemblance to what they’re mimicking you’ll find it is easy to fool your friends and family.

This means that vinyl is broadly applicable. Whether you need to redo your dining room floor or your guestroom, vinyl is a perfect fit. Furthermore, if you have a really specific motif already in place in your house but the floors in one or two rooms need to be redone and you are unable to find the same flooring again, chances are vinyl is your solution. There are so many types of vinyl flooring that in this type of instance, it wouldn’t be too hard to locate a reasonable replacement. It is also not unreasonable these days for someone to take a piece of their old flooring or take digital pictures of it, and have new vinyl flooring made to resemble it. Naturally, such customizing is going to be more expensive than just finding it on a website, but it still might be cheaper than replacing that rare cherry wood you originally had down. Plus, every year the visual accuracy of vinyl floors gets better and better, as the technologies and techniques for mimicking materials like wood and stone become more effective.

Practically speaking, vinyl is a boon. The process of installing and removing hardwood floors, stone tiles or the like is very expensive and time consuming. This is not the case with vinyl. In fact, most vinyl flooring comes with a strong adhesive already applied to the back of each piece, which is covered with a wax paper. This means that once the old floor is removed, which may or may not need to be removed since vinyl can go on top of basically anything, all you have to do is peel and place. The only tricky part of the installation is making sure that there are no spaces between each piece of vinyl. For, if spaces are left, they will accumulate dirt and moisture and eventually cause the vinyl’s connection to the sub floor to loosen. This then puts extra pressure on the other pieces and starts slackening them as well. So, make sure the vinyl tiles are snug and you have nothing to worry about. Another great feature of vinyl flooring is that the bonding agent on most vinyl tiles is made so that as soon as it touches the sub floor it attaches itself and is ready for immediate use. Other types of flooring applications need many hours or more to be set properly.

To maintain vinyl flooring all that is required is sweeping and lightly dampened mopping every time dirt and foreign material built up visibly on the surface. No special oils, or finishes, or tools are required. In addition, if a vinyl tile goes, you do not have to replace the whole floor. Chances are you can just swap it out for another one as if nothing had ever happened. This is extremely more trying in the case of hardwood, tile, or stone flooring, where once a few tiles start going whole sections of the floor have to be redone. Vinyl is certainly a top flooring option.

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